The first Web Site of Daniel Park

  1. Your name
  2. My name is Geunho Park, but you can call me Daniel.

  3. Some demographic information, chosen from the following: where you live, your age, your school year.
  4. I am attending Eastern Christian Highschool, and I will graduate in 6 months because I am senior. I am 18 years old which is able to drink the alcohol in Korea.Thus, I am little looking forward it.

  5. A list of something of "your favorite things"
  6. At least one image related to your list
  7. Write the following and answer it: One thing I did that I bet no one else in this class has done is
  8. One thing I did is I got medals on varsity 55m hurdles in trak and field county meets.

  9. Write the following and answer it: I took this class because
  10. I wanted to make my own creative app, but I figured out that creating apps is hard and expansive.