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This is my new index, my old one was bad I'll prolly link it somewhere. I made this site using HTML, CSS and some basic Javascript for the parallax effect. If you like this site check out my wordpress final project aswell I think its pretty cool.

Should I take this class?

Yeah you should, this class is fun and once you've learned everything you can create your own projects in the class, but it also gives you the knowledge to create things for other purposes which is pretty cool. If you put in any effort it's an easy A, so you don't have to worry about the class dropping your GPA. You also don't need a lot of technical knowledge to take the class so you can take it even if you know nothing about coding. Also, the class isn't all coding, there's a lot of separate graphic design work but even in the coding portion of the class, there's a lot of backend design using CSS, which is my favorite part.

Do I plan on continuing coding?

Right now I don't see myself to college for coding or seeking a job in the industry, but I've had fun with these projects and I might keep going, either just for fun or maybe I might try to get an internship, I don't know yet. I do know that if I have the time though, I will probably continue working on my coding skills in some aspects.

How can I improve my coding/design skills?

I'm not that great but from what experience I do have, I've found that watching video tutorials is a good tool for growing your skills. When you watch/read tutorials you should try to understand what there doing, rather than just blindly copying it. I've also found that leaving notes in your code has been helpful to me so I can come back and easily see exactly what each thing does because I forget easily. Another tool I use when coding is Stack Overflow. It's a site like Quora where people ask questions about their code and people will reply with answers. It's almost like google for coding as most questions you have, have already been answered there. A lot of times people will also give pretty in-depth answers that are really useful.

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