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DOOM is a fast-paced, first person shooter set on the planet Mars in the future. When the game begins the player awakes in a tomb and must escape. Once free, the player discovers the Praetor Suit, a very strong suit of upgradable armor, and embarks on a mission with the end goal of closing "The Well" a beam made of argent energy that keeps the portal between Hell and Mars open.

The story in DOOM is roughly 13 hours in length and can be played on 5 difficulties. The story is accompanied by a multiplayer mode with 426 armor combinations, millions of colors, pattern combos and 8 modes. The Multiplayer is endless hours of fun and the limit of creativity for your load out and character is the sky.
Praetor Suit

The Praetor suit is a full set of armor that grants the wearer super human strength, and allows him or her to collect power-ups. The suit is a greenish, brown color and is a throwback to the original game that released in the pre-21st century era.

The armor has 5 upgradeable areas, which include:
  • Equipment
  • Dexterity
  • Power-up Effectiveness
  • Area Scanning Tech
  • Environmental Resistance

Across the landscapes of Hell and Mars there are power-ups that aid the player by giving them an unfair advantage against the demons that are thrown at you. The power-ups range from a speed boost to an insta kill and if the Power-Up Effectiveness upgrade branch for the player's praetor suit is fully evolved, collecting an upgrade will refill the player's hp bar.

The Power-Ups are the following:

  • Invisibility
  • Quad Damage
  • Haste
  • Berserk
  • Regeneration

The year was 1993 when the original DOOM was released and swept the nation because of its incredible gameplay and action. The game was a horror, action and sci-fi and was revolutionary and influential, as it was one of the first FPS's on the market. In the game you play as an unnamed marine, stationed on the newly colonized planet of Mars. Your travels throughout the game bring you from Mars, to Deimos, Hell, and back with the task of stopping the demons, so they cannot reach Earth.

The game was released in three, nine part episodes and sold more than 2 million copies and was hailed by IGN as the best new game in 1996.