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The first keyboards began being thought up around the 1700's and have kept evolving since then!
These first keyboards were called simply typing machines.
The first patent for a typing machine was issued in 1714 to Henry Mill.

We do not know if it was ever constructed.

The first real typing machine, came out in the year of 1808.
It was made with the intention of letting the blind write.
It was invented by Pellegrino Turri in Italy.

In 1829, William Austin Burt created the typowriter.

Instead of the keys we are familiar with today, it used dials.
It was very slow, however it had a very precise and uniform look to the pages it typed.

Many other typewriter popped up between then and 1860's but none went into production.
In 1867 we got the typewriter.
It was invented by three men, Soule, Sholes, and Glidden.
It didn't sell, and the patent was sold to Densmore and Yost.
It was made by a clockmaker in Milwaukee, and sold soon after.
It was large and use a foot pedal, heavily resembling a sewing machine.

Many typewriters became popular and continued suite like this until the 1960's,
nearly 100 years after the first real typewriter.

In 1961 IBM released the Selectric I Typewriter.

This is the first true step into keyboards.
This typewriter was much smaller and used type balls, as opposed to typebars.

The type balls have character printed on the sides.
When a key is pressed, the ball rotates, pressing the key onto the sheet of paper.
It was much faster and was less likely to jam.

With the advent of computers, keyboards came too.
In 1986, five years after IBM's first PC, they released the IBM model M keyboard.

It was great. It was well made, sturdy, and of course, mechanical.
This popularity was short lived, as membrane keyboards began to replace mechanical keyboard in the 1990's.
Hope was not lost, as in the 2000's mechanical keyboards made a heavy comeback.