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Poker 3 Switches History

Mechanical Keyboards are a variation of the standard keyboard, with
differences in the fact that rather than using scissor switches
(Which are often used on laptop keyboards,
or other chiclet style keyboards.), or rubber dome, which is the most popular
with office and other standard keyboards.

Also they are the best. They feel great and work wonders for
your WPM and fingers.

I can personally say that using a mechanical keyboard has increased
my typing speed by about 10 WPM.

My comfort level has also increased. I can type much longer with great
comfort now that I have a mechanical keyboard.

On a day to day basis I generally use a Vortex Poker 3, which
uses a 60% form factor and Cherry MX clear switches.
Other boards that I have are a Logitech G710+ with
Cherry MX brown switches. Lastly I also have a CM Storm
with Cherry MX blue switches.
They're all great.

Different switches work better for different people.
I prefer the Cherry MX clear over all other ones, as it
has a higher actuation force,
or force required to press the key and register a keystroke.
They are also nice as they
have a response that you can feel when you press the key.
Cherry MX browns are very similar
to clears, except that they require lower actuation force.
Cherry MX reds, are a smoother keypress than the rest,
they go straight down with no
pushback or other "effect". Cherry MX blacks are the same,
just more stiff feeling,
and requiring more force.
Then there are the Cherry MX blues and greens.
Blues require moderate initial force and
produce an audible "click" when you press it.
Greens are the same, just requiring more force.