The Golden State Warriors

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At this point, Stephen Curry is as much a basketball conductor as he is a point guard for the Golden State Warriors. When he dribbles, an impatient hush falls over the crowd; whether his hometown faithful at Oracle Arena or soon-to-be Curry converts on the road. With a simple flick of the wrist, he requests silence, eyes following the arc of his three-point attempt until it swishes through the net and produces a sound no instrument could replicate. You wouldn't think leather rubbing against nylon could generate a noise that permeates through the chatter of an NBA arena. But when Curry shoots the ball, it does. No other hand motion in the NBA has nearly this much power. He alone creates this type of pregnant pause; thousands of people not just hoping for a successful attempt from beyond the arc, but actually expecting each try to find twine. Curry is taking 10.7 three-pointers per game this season; two more than 2003-04 Baron Davis and everyone else in NBA history, and he's still connecting at a 45.3 percent clip. No other player in the top 100 for attempts per game throughout NBA history has been this accurate, and he is sandwiched between 2012-13 Curry and 2014-15 Curry.

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