The Not so Great Things

While online dating may seem easier, there negative aspects of using this dating method because of the anonymity and ability to lie about one’s self. For example, people may lie about their age making themselves younger to increase their dating pool. Rutgers communications assistant professor Jennifer Gibbs stated that someone might say they’re 35 instead of 36 to not get filtered out of demographics searches on dating sites (Conger). Other common lies include one’s height, weight, income and marital status. Lying about such things will only lead to a lot of disappointment. People can use old pictures to make themselves appear more attractive, or even alter themselves in pictures to change their appearance. Another disadvantage of online dating is that it is hard to tell if there is any actual chemistry and compatibility. In person you have the ability to tell if you are compatible right away, making weeding out potential dates easier. Finally, people are able to hide certain flaws, it can also cultivate  intimate communication at a faster pace than in-person interactions. Researchers have named this tendency as the “hyper personal effect.” The hyper personal effect can very easily ruin your first in-person date if you’ve built up an idealized/fantasy version of your potential partner in your mind (Conger). Online dating can be very difficult disappointing, untruthful, and is not necessarily the best form of dating.

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