Life is a soccer game

Ellis Island

Moving forward and adjusting to change.

My family migrated from Ellis Island and had to readjust their whole life, in order to make a better ending for the family to come. This move was not easy. Although, they knew the sacrifice they had to make if they wanted a new and improved life. The generations to follow never had it easy and continued to struggle and learn. Now my family had established ourselves and my family that came through Ellis Island got the outcome that they always dreamed of.

Throughout a soccer game you are going to have bumps and readjusting to do. There are games that I have played in which I was moved to a position I had never played before because we needed an adjust, it was better for the team. Throughout time, however, I adjust and know that my team will be better off with me in that spot. With the movement I struggle, then grow and learn immensely by being but out of my comfort zone.

Through out my life I will face situations where I need to readjust and change myself or my lifestyle, etc. I can begin to remind myself of the hard times my ancestors went through to get me where I am. Therefore keeping in my mind that my life and what I do, will affect many generations after me. Therefore, the readjustments and the change can forever determine how my great great grandchildren grow up.

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