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A jungler has the trickest role to define, as far as what champions do best here. It is a varied role, because many champions are able to do this. But for the most part, the typical jungler is one who can survive fighting the jungle camps, usually with enough health left over to gank one of the lanes. Because of this, typical junglers usually have a higher health pool, some sort of build in sustain like life steal or spell vamp, and specifically use the Smite summoner spell. Another characteristic of a good jungler is that the champion has a high gank potential, meaning that when they pop out of a bush, they have some damaging crowd control effects that allows them to pick off targets.

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Lee Sin

Lee Sin is a champion who’s proved himself very mobile for a blind monk. He has two effects per spell, a point that makes him both very powerful and hard to play with. His abilities to quickly clear jungle and easily gank make him one of the strongest champions in early.

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Shyvana is very easy champion to play with as a top or a jungle, who doesn’t have many controls but a lot of damages. Her ultimate enables her to catch most targets or to run through walls. In teamfight, this champion brings a lot of zone damages but remains vulnerable to kites.

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Jarvan IV

Jarvan IV is a bruiser with an excellent burst who is able to move on the mid lane after he pushed the top, particularly if he has no flash anymore to get out of the ultimate. Jarvan will be able to quickly get rid of dashless champions who will then have to use their flashes to get out of the ultimate. During teamfights, Jarvan will have to play smart with his controls as he is not a real tank!

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Pantheon is mainly an early champion who's pretty powerful, especially thanks to his passive that blocks an attack, but also thanks to his ultimate that has a 5500 range allowing him to make devastating ganks. Pantheon has to make the most of his strong early in order to dominate the game.

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Nautilus is a champion who has a lot of crowd control, which makes him particularly annoying for those who play against him. He has a lot of possibilites to engage teamfights quickly and is pretty tanky. His ability to gank is amazing with his grab, his passive stun and his slow. In short, Nautilus rarely lets his prey escape!

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