Traverse City

Background Information

Traverse City is a town located in Northwestern
Michigan right on Traverse City Bay. It is
considered the Cherry Capital of the World.


A short drive away from Traverse City is
Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore. It beautiful views
of Lake Michigan for miles. You can go
swimming, tubing, or relax and watch a beautiful sunset.

Right next to Traverse City is Traverse City
Bay. It is a beautiful body of water
which is known for its bright blue waters.
You can do various activities like kayaking, tubing ,
boating, and fishing in Traverse City Bay.

Traverse City is the cherry capital of the
world, and is the largest tart cherry producing
city in the United States. Another thing that
you can do is pick cherries at various
cherry farms in the area.

Traverse City is also a large producer of
grapes, and is known for its vineyards. You
can spend an evening at a vineyard wine
tasting and enjoying a nice dinner.


The biggest event during the summer is the
National Cherry Festival. The National Cherry Festival is
a celebration of cherries and the local economy.
The event attracts 500,000 people per year. They
have events like air shows, fireworks, concerts, art shows,
shops, amusement rides, and carnivals.

Kyle Dykstra