Grand Haven

Background Information

Grand Haven is a town in western Michigan located on the coast
of Lake Michigan, right where the Grand River flows into the Lake.
It is the Coast Guard capital of the
United States.


One of my favorite things to do in
Grand Haven is to fish. You can either
just fish of the pier or you can
go charter fishing. Some fish in Lake Michigan
are small mouth bass, large mouth bass,
and salmon. You can go charter fishing for salmon.
The peak of the season is in August, right
as the salmon run is finished and the
fish are just outside the mouth of the Grand River.

You can swim in Lake Michigan, and you
can jump off the pier. The average water
temperature during July and August is in the 70's.


Grand Haven, being the Coast Guard capital of
the United States, holds an annual event called
Coast Guard Festival. It is a week long
event that celebrates the Coast Guard. There are
parades, concerts, car shows, ship tours, a carnival, and fireworks.
This is a really cool and fun event.

Kyle Dykstra