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Sarah and James from Colorado:

We just got married and figured what a better way to ceebrate than to play paintball? My husband James and I met during a paintball tournament back in the summer of 2012. We have been in love ever since.


I have been playing paintball ever since I could remember. I grew upo with my parents being state champs and country wide phenomenons. This game is in my blood. People go and get drunk, I go and play paintball.


Paintball for me is a stress reliever. My parents introduced the sport to me at the age of 10 and I fell head over heels for it. My friends and I compete in county and state competitins. Someday our group will go to nationals for sure.

Kerri and Adam:

We started dating after we met at a county paintball tournament. We both lived relatively close to each other, so it was nice to see each other often. Paintball not only was a similar hobby between us, but it is what brought us together and continues to bring us closer.


What a better thing to do than play paintball? I can honestly say I have never met a person who has not fallen in love with paintball after their first game. I know I did. I now travel the world going to the top rated fields and tornaments. It is in my DNA to play.


My buddies and I play paintball amost every weekend as something fun to do. We are all crazy. We like playing against eachother so we can shoot one another and hear their girly screams of pain. I promise, our group is not that mean. Or are we?

Michael and Mitchell:

Two brothers united under a common interest; paintball. We have never seen a day, week, month, year without paintball being in our lives. It has definitely brought us closer.

Inner City:

We are a group of kids from an inner city. At a scool event, we all found our love for paintball. Our parents were able to fund us to continue playing. We put together a team and called it "Inner City". Nothing can get in our way. We keep on improving and our team is stepping p in the bracket.


I started playing paintball at a later age than most. I knew it is what I wanted to do with my life. I also had beenh recently accepted to West Point, but they offer oaintball as a sport. I am glad I can find a happy medium.

Amy and Amanda:

We are twin sisters in the Airforce. On our time off, we come home and play on a paintball team. Our parents brought us up with it. It is in our blood. For us, it is a sweet way to relax.

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