Louis's Story

Louis came to my house when he was only 5 monthes old. He is now 5 years old.
When I brought him, he looked so nervous that he hid his body under my bed.
As soon as he adapted to his new environment, he became an energetic and cute boy.
He loves to play with his favorite toy and take a bath.
He always asks me to bring him to the bath tub and wash him. He is also good at singing
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Ddolbok's Story

Ddolbok became a part of my family since last year.
He was a abandoned dog. My mom and dad found him along a roadside near home. Mom and dad decided to bring him home.
Before they took him home, he had to go to an animal hospital to clean, vaccinate, and check his health.
After that, Ddolbok came to home and became my family member. He adapted to his new circumstance fast.
Since he grew up outside, he can jump really high. Also, unlike Louis, Ddolbok hates to take a shower.
I'm so thankful to God that he gave our family him and Louis is not alone anymore.