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How to be good at Mining

Mining is perhaps one of the most overlooked skills in minecraft, if you are not a good miner, you wont get diamonds and will be forced to look like a noob with your stone tools. So how do you get good at mining? Its actually really simple. Step one is to mine on level 12, there are two reasons for this, first lava is at block 11, so you wont mine right into lava, second diamonds only spawn at low levels.If you hit F3 on your keyboard it will bring up code like the picture below, the y stands for what height your at, you want it to be at 12, hitting F3 will make the code go away.


Once you are on the right height, start mining in a straight line. But first go into the options, go to video settings, then go to the brightness bar and turn it up all the way. This will make minecraft brighter and you wont have to use as many torches. You should mine straight until you hit a cave, and than explore it. Also be sure to always carry a bucket of water to pour over lava, and in case you catch on fire. Thats really all you need to do to be good at mining, the most important part is to be at height 12.