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How to be good at Fighting

Fighting can be defined by two basic principle: charging and staying back. The middle ground is not as safe nor as effective. When engaging in a battle, whether monster or player, you must decide to charge or to stay back. If your charging then you want to mash the left mouse button as fast as possible to do the most amount of damage as possible. The other option is to stay back and shoot them with arrows, or to quicly attack then back off. Oh and always make a strong sword, iron is very good.

How to fight creepers

The safest way to fight creepers is with a bow, but if you dont have one or dont want to use arrows there are two ways to safely take them out. If you have a strong enchanted diamond sword you can quickly charge them and hit them repeatedly so they die before they can blow up, but if you dont have a strong sword you need this technique. You want to sprint forward at it, as this will knock it back more, hit it and then back up. You'll hear a fizzle, wait till its done and then quickly sprint and hit him back and retreat. Repeat this until hes dead, if done right he wont blow up!

How to fight ghasts

Bow and lots of arrows, straight up archery

How to fight zombie pigman

dont hit them, and they wont hit you-theya re basically following the bible: do onto others as you would have them do onto you