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How to be good at Building

Before the tutorial starts im going to list some things you should know that will help you build better

  1. dont under any circumstance build a box
  2. build out of more than one material
  3. look up real building and minecraft ones for good ideas and inspiration
  4. decorate the interior! dont leave it ugly, add chairs and table and rooms
  5. stairs make great chairs
  6. pick a good location with lots of room to expand, wide open plains work great for villages and castles
  7. you really shouldnt build in the desert, theres no trees and sand makes it hard to make basements
  8. dont use ladders to get to other floors (except to get on the roof), use stairs it looks way better
  9. never build an entire wall out of the same materail, mix it up!

So lets start the tutorial .The worst thing you could possibly build in minecraft is a box. In this tutorial I will teach you how to turn an ugly box, like below into the house to the right

The easiest way to make your 10 times better is to get rid of the corner pieces. This makes it not a box!

An important part of building a good house is to use different materials, so for the purpose of this tutorial we will use wood and cobblestone. So replace the corner pieces with wood logs. Also add another door to make it symetrical.

Another easy way to make you house better is to not leave the roof flat, you can use stairs to make it a triangle roof, but for right now we are just gonna use cobblestone slabs for the roof. So you should get rid of the top layer and replace it with the blocks your using for your roof.

Then lets accent the door, we'll use wood logs to match the corners of the building, we'll also add windows to make it less plain and to add a nice view from the inside.

Now lets change the sdies because as of now they look like this

Since this is a small house, we'll just add small windows and just like we accented the door with wood logs we will do the same for the windows

Now lets work on the interio because this is what it currently looks like

And that looks terrible so lets change it up. Wool can be used as carpet so lets do that, and because just like in a real house carpets dont stretch the whole room, except for a bedroom and this isnt one, so lets add a wood plank border.

And there you go you now have a nice looking simple to make house. It went from this

to this

to this

to this

to this

So thats the end of the tutorial, its purpose is not to have you build this house over and over again, its meant to give you some steps to help get you started building your own house! Good luck you nooby crafters!