Halo CE      


Halo 1 takes place in the year 2552. You are aboard a
UNSC warship escaping from the doomed planet Reach. Due to the Cole Protocal, The Captain of the ship ordered his crew to make a random faster than light jump. Upon decelerating from light speed, the warship stumbles upon an Artifact known as Halo. The captain notes that the Covenant(an advanced group of alien races that are determined to exterminate Humanity because of their religion) have beat him to the the ancient Alien Artifact. The A.I of the warship tells the captain that Halo isn't Covenant in origin. Upon learning this, the captain alerts everyone to get to their battle stations including the Spartan 2 known as Master Chief. The captain orders all crew to abandon ship and gives Cortana(The Warship's A.I) to the Master Chief because he knew Cortana would be safest with him. Once the Master Chief successfully makes it off of the doomed warship and crashes down on the the ring world in an escape pod. the Master Chief and Cortana then begin a week long campaign with the survivors of the crashed warship. The Chief and Cortana begin to hunt for survivors from the warship. They learn that the Captain is being held captive on an alien cruiser ad is then rescued by the master chief. While the captain was loccked up in the brig, he learned that Halo was a weapon one with vast unimaginable power. The Chief then searches for something known as the Silent Cartographer, which leads him to the weapons control room. Cortana learns that the weapons cahe the captain is looking for isn't actually a weapons cache at all. It's an ancient parasitic life form that devours all sentient life. The chief is then teleported by an ancient A.I called 343 Guilty spark which is in charge of Halo. And tells the Chief that he must retrieve the index inorder to activate Halo. Once chief and Spark try to activate Halo, Cortana intervenes and tells the Chief what Halo really is. Spark says that he must have the index and will stop at nothing to activate the ring. The Chief and Cortana destroy their crashed warship, hich had enough explosive force to destroy the ring and gave them enough time to escape in a longsword fighter. Floating out in space in a Longsword, Chief tells Cortana that things are just getting started and its not over.