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Call of Duty Black Ops II, released on November 13th of 2012 sold 11.22 million copies in the first week, making it the second most succesful Call of Duty to date.

While sales plummeted by over 2 millions copies since the previous Call of Duty, Black Ops II is, in my opinion, the most well rounded game in the series. With the high emphasis on the competitve side of the game has made it succeed far more as an E-sport than any other title in the series had been able to do. The addition of League Play to Black Ops II excited many people to get into the competitive side of Call of Duty. The Call of Duty Championships, held April 6-7 by Treyarch and Activision Studios in Hollywood California gained the viewership of over 120,000 people during the finals, in which Fariko Impact triunphed over Team EnVyus for the first place prize of $400,00. Furthermore, with the revamping of scorestreaks and a new way of making custom classes, Black Ops II has proved to be innovative. New DLC including weapon camos, extra classes, and even a new gun helps to complete the multiplayer aspect of the game. Zombies and Campaign are great compliments to the multiplayer that draws the largest crowd to Call of Duty.

Mark Lamia and David Vondahaar present Fariko Impact with the $400,000 prize