16 BIT

32-64 BIT

128 BIT


Many consoles were made but were really bad. They sold poorly and were forgotten. While there are many consoles that are well known, there are consoles that not well known. A console that is not well known is the Apple Bandai Pippin. Realeased back in 1996 as a video game console and a multimedia console. The makers wanted it to be a computer. It sold very poorly, only 42,000 units and is voted the "22nd worst tech product of all time" by PC World Magazine. Another lost console is the Gizmondo. It was released in 2005 and retailed for $400. It has been considered one of the worst systems of all time and barely had support. Also the Creator of the system had trouble with the law. Another lost console is the N-Gage. Released back in 2003, this console was both a video game console and a cell phone. The launch price was $300and sold poorly. People thought it was a stupid idea for a handled console acting like a phone. The screen was taller than wide and had a poor selection of games.