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There are so many systems that were realesed but were not well known.

There are many game systems that are underrated. These systems have great games but the systems did not sell well. A game system that is very underrated is the Turbografx 16. Turbografx has so many classics like dungeon explorer, neutopia, blazing lazers, r-type, and bonk series. The add on Turbografx CD had great games too. Great games such as Ys series, dungeon explorer 2, gates of thunder, prince of persia, and lord of thunder. Another underrated console is the Sega Satun. The Saturn had classics like panzer dragoon series, bug, nights of dreams, sonic jam, albert odyssey, and bug 2. They also had a a lot of imports that were classics like fighting games, a lot of shoo em ups, and rpgs. Another underrated system is the Sega Master System. This system had a lot of good platformers like alex the kidd, wonderboy, and 8-bit sonic games. This system is also known for rpgs like the excellent phantasy star and ys. These systems all had great games and it's ashame that they didn't sell well.