I'm Sydnie Donofrio,

I made this website in hope that someone would use it in their own recovery.

I hope to share my story, and inspire others to make the same self changes that I have had.

I hope to give a better understanding to others about what self-discipline really is.


Gregg Miele described self-discipline saying,

"Self-discipline does not come easy, it's never free and cannot be bought.

It comes from within:

though heart & heart ache,

through hustle & endurance,

through hard work and sacrifice,

through control and focus.

It's staying as strong as possible for as long as possible to overcoming any obstacles, addictions and/or adversities that stand in your way."

This is a great way of explaining what Self Discipline really is.

It's not just about exercise and eating healthy, but it's a way of life. Learning to control yourself, and not to indulge in things that are not meant for you.


Sydnie Donofrio