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About Me

I'm Matt. I love to bike and have been biking for a long time. My Dad got me into biking when I was young and I am stull biking strong. I live in northern New Jersey. I am only 15 and can't drive yet so I haven't been able to go all over. I bike as much as I possibly can. Recently I met a friend from Canada who lives in Abbotsford, British Columbia. He is a big downhill biker. We got on the topic of biking and I told him there is an overgrown place with all these jumps that we could try and fix up. One Saturday we decided to check it out. We got hooked. We went every week to work on it and clean it up. It was mostly a Dirt Jumping/Freeride area but we started making it a little more like a downhill trail. We spent a whole day biking up and down every street looking for wood lying around to make some catwalks. We made out ok but we decided to spend the money to buy wood too. I loved that place it was kinda like a second home. I'd always come home from school and go right over to the jumps to either work or ride. It was great.


I loved to play Roller Hockey in my driveway. When I can't or don't want to play hockey I'm on my bike getting cut up and dirty somewhere. In the summer of 2013 I couls hardly walk without experiencing extreme pain in my knee causing me to not wnat to move. I decided to tell my chiropractor about the pain. She checked it all out and a couple weeks I went back and told her that it wan't any better. She told me she didn't know what the problem was and said I needed to get physical therapy. I went to a great place called New Jersey Center of Physical Therapy . I was very happy to go there eveyone was extremely nice and very happy. I was there for a couple days and my physical therapist had said that she thought I had a herniated disk. As we continued in our activities I was told that I could not participate in any sports or physical activities. I was always used to being active and constantly doing something. I didn't know what to do or how to deal with this. I was later sent to get a cat scan. It was nice and fast. I also had to see a bone doctor and he said he thought I just had a stress fracture. He told me this would heal soon just stay off the bike and other physical activities for about another month. During this month The month past and I was feeling a lot better. I was told I could slowly go back into biking but on a paved path and only for twenty minutes. This was a great progression. I started my therapy and couldn't bend my leg without causing pain in my back and in my knee, and now I am back on my bike. The last visit of therapy was the worst. I wasnt even a half an hour in until I heard the Scariest life changing words anyone has ever said to me. My therapist comes over to me and says that because me back is so badly out of place I won't be able to return to biking. I told my Chiropractor about it all and she told me my therapist overreacted and I am now back on the mountians and the jumps and being my normal self.