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Maroon 5

Maroon 5 is a band that met in high school. Before Maroon 5, they were called Kara's Flowers. They are an american pop rock band that formed in 1994. The band's first members were Adam Levine, Jesse Carmichael, Mickey Madden, and Ryan Dusick. Their first record label was Reprise Records, but soon parted from them after their first album, The Fourth World, didn't do too well in 1997. The band members went to college, and regrouped in 2001, adding a new member James Valentine. They went after a new direction with a new name, Maroon 5. In 2002, Maroon 5 signed a record label with Octone Records, and released their debut album under them. The album was named Songs About Jane and their leading single, Harder to Breathe, reached number 6 on the US Billboard's 200. She Will Be Loved and This Love, the second and third songs on the album, were hits worldwide in 2004. In 2005, the band received a Grammy Award for Best New Artist of that year. In 2006, Ryan Dusick left the band and was replaced by Matt Flynn. After their revision of the band, Maroon 5 released their second album, It Won't Be Soon Before Long, in 2007. The album rose to number 1 on Billboard 200, and the albums first song, Makes Me Wonder, was the bands first number one single on the US Billboard Hot 100. The band's third album came out in September 2010, called Hands All Over, and peaked at number 2 on Billboard 200. The lead single on the album, Misery, was number 15 on Billboard Hot 100.Overexposed, their 4th album came out in 2012. The album's first 2 singles, Payphone, and One More Night, both peaked to places 1 and 2 respectively internationally. Since 2002, when Kara's Flowers officially changed their name to Maroon 5, the band has sold over 10 million albums alone in the United States.

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