• Running formula:

    1. Running events (200 m, 800 m and 100 m hurdles):
  • Points = A*(B-P)C

  • jumper
  • Jumping formula:

    1. Jumping events (high jump and long jump):
  • Points = A*(M-B)C

  • thrower
  • Throwing formula:

    1. Throwing events (shot put and javelin):
  • Points = A*(D-B)C

The scoring system was developed by Dr. Karl Ulbrich. The events are split into three parts, where the scores are counted according to the three formulae which are listed below. Or use this online calculator.

P is for points, T is for time in seconds, M is for height/length in centimeters and D is length in meters. a, b and c have different values for each of the events (see tables here).