What's the Solution?

Mercy Ships is an organization that addresses these physical ailments and more. A group of workers have dedicated themselves to fixing these problems all around the world. They travel on a tremendously large ship that carries food, friends, and the resources these people need to address these physical/educational problems. These Mercy Ships land in needy areas, and bring to them the ultimate solution. Something that is even more important than the surgery or treatment needed, is the need for Jesus Christ. Many of these people do not have hope, and have fallen into a feeling of lonely hopelessness, but Mercy Ships bring with them the love of Christ, which is the key factor in their mission. When they land in an area it is announced, and anyone who can come is welcome. As a result of the amount of need in an area, the Mercy Ships cannot take everyone even though that is what they desire. They understand that some ailments are much more serious than others, so usually they treat deformities based on severity. Not only do they perform surgeries, provide food, care, and follow up treatments, but they also take care to address the educational problem. Many doctors on staff take in local doctors for the time they are there and teach them the necessary knowledge to become a skilled doctor. Many of the ailments that these people are facing can be treated with simple surgeries, or treatments, but because of their situation they cannot have these treatments. Mercy Ships bring to them a free accessible opportunity to learn, and be healed all by the grace of God, and more importantly they bring the greatest hope of all, Jesus Christ.