What's the Problem?

Many people around the world face very similar challenges, and Mercy Ships are fighting those problems. Based on the living conditions of various locations around the world people suffer from lack of resources and education resulting in many health issues. There is a strong need for physical impairments to be cured, along with knowledge to be gained. Men, women, and children are suffering because they have grown up surrounded by areas that cannot meet their needs. There are numerous surgeries that can be performed in order to address these problems, as well as medicine that can be given in order to treat medical problems such as cataracts. This problem can be easily treated, but because these people do not have the resources or money, it becomes a long-term ailment. The cleft lip/palate is another problem that can be easily addressed if the resources were available, but more often than not the resources are not accessible, and this results in a Ďpermanentí issue. In different parts of the world some type of orthopedic problem produced at childbirth would be dealt with immediately, which means that these individuals would grow up healthy. Meanwhile for the people who do not have those specific treatments they need at childbirth, they will grow up with a physical deformity. Orthopedic problems such as a knee deficiency can be easily fixed, but based on the lack of resources these treatments donít happen. We live in a sinful world; therefore our bodies are not perfect. An effect we see because of our sin is physical deformities where something is going wrong in the body. Many times these injuries are forming because of a cell deficiency, or the Ďinformationí not being properly transported throughout the body. Henceforth, a physical ailment is seen. What makes this problem escalate is the lack of education. Doctors in many parts of the world have not had the necessary education, and because of this they are unable to take care of these deformities in a proper fashion.

The Details

In the first eight weeks of pregnancy, the head of the baby is formed. During this time tissues in the face form. Sometimes the tissues donít meet properly, causing a cleft palate. In order to fix these birth defects, Mercy Ships performs reconstructive surgery and occasionally replaces teeth. In mild cases itís also possible to put in a prosthetic plate to fix the damage.
Baby with Cleft Palate

Another problem in many countries that Mercy Ship helps is cataracts. Cataracts are a clouding in the crystalline lens of the eye. Cataracts can cause blindness if it is not treated. In order to treat cataracts Mercy ship can give their patients eye drops, which reduces the sensitivity in the eyes. In more serious cases surgery may be necessary. In this case they would go into the eye and take out the lens that was clouded over and replace it with a plastic lens. These operations are extremely efficient, so the patient will be recovered in less than a day.

In many places birth defects are common, but they cause a much lower standard of living. Birth defects are caused by a enzyme that is formed incorrectly, genetics, or an infection in the mother while the mother is pregnant. The birth defects that Mercy Ships fixes are orthopedic issues. In order to do this, they may put in prosthetic body parts or perform surgeries.
Prosthetic Limb