Situation: Hunger

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A valuable weapon in this fight is the researching and pioneering of new, more nutritional, more cost effective kinds of food to distribute to those who could not otherwise acquire it. This is often done by genetically modifying foods in order to make them either easier to grow, better able to withstand harsh conditions, bigger, more nutritious or cheaper. The honing of this branch of biology could result in more, better, food for a greater number of people. Although it is not a Christian organization, the University of Missouri’s work towards feeding the world’s hungry promotes the Christian values of compassion and charity. Recently, researchers at the University completed the development of a map of the soybean genome. This new development means that, after the refinement and an implementation of the science, soybean crops can be adapted to survive in environments wherein they otherwise would not be able to survive. Thus, it is possible that within only a few years, this research could be refined to the point whereat soybeans could be successfully grown in places like sub-Saharan Africa, one of the poorest areas in the world.