“Many times I have asked God to feed me"
— Sinanxwa Daphroso

The Situation

Hunger and War

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Near the center of Africa lies the tiny country of Burundi. Burundi has been hit hard by a 5-year drought as well as a 13-year civil war that rages throughout the nation. People live in fear of being shot and never know where their next meal will come from. Most families are lucky to eat once a day. Children walk around wearing torn clothing with bloated stomachs doe to malnutrition. The people of Burundi are forced to walk for miles in order to get what little water they can find. Most people survive on less than a dollar a day. While the civil war that raged for 13 years is over armed soldiers are present everywhere. The war has taken its toll on the people and the memories of harsh fighting give them nightmares. Electricity is non-existent in most places and is seen as a luxury to most. The country of Burundi desperately needs help.