Can't Choose?

"I've always been a big fan of over-the-ear headphones because of their solid feel and generally better sound quality. But I've recently started using an iPod regularly and I'm struggling... can't use headphones very easily at the gym, for example.
Which do you think is better day-to-day - a good set of earbuds or a good set of full-size headphones?" - person

"Earbuds. Definitely earbuds when on the move...the comfort and sound quality are great." - ?

"Good question.
When out and about (cycling, gym etc) earbuds much more convenient,but compromise sound quality for convenience. Cannot match quality of on-ear or over-ear headphones - but these are most suitable when at home or on public transport." - 0.o

"I think it really comes down to personal taste whether you go for the earbud type or the over-ear. Good brands should give you good sound quality for both and there are some really nice (and expensive) earbuds being released overseas." - :)

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