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There are many problems in the world that are worth improving. Also, there are many needs that require fulfilling. One great need is for shoes. Just by wearing shoes can prevent infections and diseases. Podoconiosis is one disease that can infect the foot. Podoconiosis will cause the foot to swell up which makes walking very difficult. The simple solution to this is to wear a pair of shoes but unfortunately some people cannot afford to buy shoes. Malaria is a big problem that needs to be improved upon. Malaria is a disease transmitted by a bite from an infected mosquito. The solution to this problem is to wear a type of clothing that can repel mosquitoes. Another need is the need for glasses and the need to see clearly. Not being able to see clearly can prevent people from doing normal activities. The solution to not seeing clearly is to wear a pair of proscription glasses. Unfortunately the cost for prescription glasses is high and not all people can afford them. Another problem that the world has is the problem of trees getting cut down. Trees are the greatest source of oxygen but there has always been a need for wood. Trees get cut down every day and this can have a great impact on the air quality. The solution to this is to plant more trees.

One for one organizations give you the opportunity to buy something for yourself while still helping others. Some organizations that use the one for one system are TOMS, Roma Boots, Code Purple, Warby Parker and WeWood.


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