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fake doctor If you just learned you are HIV positive, it’s natural to feel scared, confused and unsure what to do next. But knowing that you’re positive also gives you power that not knowing doesn’t: the power to seek treatment, to handle the health issues you can control and to protect the people you love. Today, there are many effective medications that can help you manage the virus and live a healthy and productive life.

AIDS/HIV Prevention

AIDS Thirty years have passed since the first case of HIV in the United States. Today, we know many ways to prevent HIV. The National HIV/AIDS Strategy is the U.S. government's new plan for improving HIV care and prevention. And under the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act External link (health care reform), it is easier for people who do have HIV/AIDS to pay for the care they need. Every year, another 56,000 Americans become infected with HIV—but it doesn’t have to be that way! It’s easy to protect yourself and others from HIV if you know the facts. Your risk for getting HIV—or transmitting it to others—is extremely low if:
* You aren’t having sex of any kind (anal, oral, or vaginal)
* You aren’t injecting drugs
* You aren’t pregnant
* You aren’t likely to have contact with infected body fluids in your workplace
But if you are having sex, injecting drugs, pregnant, or might be exposed to HIV at work, here’s what you need to know...

Center for Community Health, Education& Reseach Inc

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The mission of the Center for Community Health, Education & Research Inc (CCHER) is to advocate on behalf of families and their children for public health policies and services that will, over time, have long term benefits for them and the larger community. Our focus is to serve linguistically, culturally and socially challenged new immigrant, underprivileged and underserved residents in the greater Boston and the surrounding communities. We at CCHER believe that residents of a community can play an important role in organizing and advocating for efficient and affordable health care and health related services for their community.

What Bad Water Does Your Health

ugly lamb From drinking polluted water you can get Salmonella Typhi, also known as Typhoid fever, and the cause of Salmonella Typhi is typhoid bactillius. You can also get cancer, birth defects, and generic damage. Cholera is also a disease you get when you drink polluted water. Cholera is caused by the bacteria, Vibrio Cholerae, which affects the intestinal region of the body. Without immediate medical treatment, it could cause death within 12 hours after the symtoms start. You can also get amoebic dysentary which is an intestine infection caused by an amoeba that causes severe diarrhoea. Amobae are parasites in food or drink that can move up the digestive system and cause a serius infection. You can also get scabies which is caused by an itch mite. Scabies burrow into the skin to produce intense itching, worse at night. You can also by bacteria that causes repeated conjuntivity and irritates the eyes causing mucous discharge. Also, you can get Lympathetic filarius or Elephantiatis which is one of the most disfigurng scourge among all diseases. It is caused by helminminithic worms inhabiting the lymphaties. You can also get malaria which is a life threatening disease transferred by mosquitos. Malaria is caused by a one-cell parasite called plasmodium. Yellow fever is transferred by mosquitos in tropical regions. A symptom is black vomit. In mild cases it is similar to the influenza but there can be serious effects in more serious cases. You can also become ill with dracunuliasis, also known as "Guinea Worm Disease", it is the largest worm of the tissue parasites affecting humans, it is often referred to the "fiery serpant" because of the discomforting disease it causes. Trypanosomiasis, also known as the sleeping sickness, is caused by the tsetse fly. If bitten and left untreated, it can be fatal.

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