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So what’s the issue? Not being able to see. Blindness is a problem where someone is partially sighted from a sever loss of vision. This is the seventh-largest health disability in the world. But why does that matter? In every single part of life, your sight is involved. And what happens when that is taken away? A person can no longer function in a way that is healthy to living. Blindness will hinder anyone from being able to do any normal activity that is involved in everyday life. This includes cooking, reading, eating, writing, sewing, dressing, even walking. Visual problems also affect children, especially in school. If they have to strain to see, their involvement in the class, reading and writing skills, and comprehension are totally hindered. This can easily cause their progress to be severely limited, thus affecting their understanding and advancement in the future. There is also a risk of physical and social problems, having to do with isolation, which is caused by blindness. Being partially sighted can make it difficult to go out of the home, make new friends, and be in a place with a lot of people where they have the advantage of easy communication with the use of vision. One major, well-known organization that is helping with the problem of blindness is TOMS. Most people know it as TOMS Shoes. Well there is a new side to this organization. It’s called TOMS Eyewear. So what do they do to solve this world-wide issue? They depend on their customers. TOMS is a One for OneTM organization. Meaning that if a person buys their products, they will use that money from the purchase to help save lives. “One person buys. One person is helped”. This new TOMS Eyewear is not selling shoes again, but sunglasses. That’s right. If someone buys a pair of their fashionable sunglasses, another life can be saved by getting their sight returned to them.