M16 Series
The M16 is an assault rifle with a few different variants. A smaller and more compact version in M4 Carbine. Also, some M16's fire three round bursts, while others can fire fully automatic. These rifles fire the 5.56mm round.
M16M4 Carbine
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The M9 is the main pistol used by the U.S. Army. It is semi-automatic and it fires the 9mm round
M249 SAW: SAW stands for "Squad Automatic Weapon," and it is a belt-fed, full automatic light machine gun that fires the 5.56mm round
M9 M249 SAW
M67 Frag Grenadet: It is used as an offensive weapon, and when it explodes it shoots out red hot shrapnel in all directions.
M18 Smoke Grenade: Puts smoke into the air for the purpose of cover or identifying a position.
M67 Frag Grenade M18 Smoke Grenade

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