Air Assault School: Fort Campbell, Kentucky

Air Assault School is 10 1/2 day course that teaches trainees air assault techniques and procedures, and completion allows the m to wear the Assault the Badge.

Day 0: The 1st day of the course that must completed for soldiers to be considered "Air Assault Students". It requires soldiers to complete an obstacle course, two-mile (3 km) run, and an inspection of equipment.

Obstacle Course and 2-Mile Run: The purpose of these two tasks is to test the students' upper body strength, agility, endurance, confidence, and ability to perform at heights without displaying fear or distress. After the obstacle course, students are required to complete the run in under 18 minutes.
Obstacle Course 2 Mile Run
   Phase 1: Combat Assault
This phase is 3 days long and soldiers receive intruction on the following areas:

Obstacle Course

  • Aircraft Safety
  • Aircraft Orientation
  • Aero Medical Evacuation
  • Pathfinder Operations
  • Hand-and-arm signals
  • Close Combat Attacks
  • Combat Assault Operations
  • Soldiers are then given two test, a written and hands-on.

   Phase 2: Slingload Operations

This phase is also 3 days long, and it teaches students about sling load operations. Sling load operation involve the use of vertical life aircraft that are used to transport equipment, such as supplies, artillery cannons, or even vehicles.
Slingload Operations Slingload Operations
   Phase 3: Rapelling Phase
This is another 3 day long part of the course, and soldiers are instructed on basic ground and aircraft rappelling procedures. The procedures that are taught include:
  • Tying of the hip-rappel seat
  • Hook-up techniques
  • Lock-in procedures
  • Rappel with and without combat equipment
  • Belay procedures: the belayer is the person not actually repelling, but controlling the amount of slack in the rope, and the one that stops the rope in case the repeller falls
  • Fast Rope familiarization
Repelling From a Hellicopter
Soldiers will conduct repels from the sides of the school, and from blackhawk helicopters. They must also fast rope (a quick descent from a height) from a tower. These tests will be required to be done with and without equipment.
Repelling From a Tower Rapelling From a Hellicopter
   12 Mile Foot March
This is the final event of Air Assault School. Soldiers must complete the 12-mile (19 km) foot march with the prescribed uniform and equipment in three hours or less in order to graduate.
After the completion of all these requirements, it is time for graduation. Graduates receive the Air Assault Badge, and earn the right to call themselves paratroopers.
Air Assault Badge Graduation

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