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If you have found this site, congratulations! You are about to enter the world of Starkid. This includes magic, Disney references, singing insects and, of course, general hilarity. Without giving away TOO much, Starkid is a small theatre company, founded at the univerity of Michigan (Go Blue!)

Go check out the pictures and videos as well as the cast bios!

For those of you who choose to join our ranks, I am proud that I could find some more Hogwarts (and Pigfarts)students and a few Starship Rangers out there!

Interested in knowing anything more? Contact me here or follow me on Tumblr here.

Feel free to take a look around and stay "totally awesome"!

P.S. All of these musicals can be found on Youtube, so feel free to watch the rest!

P.P.S. None of these gifs and pictures are mine, all credit goes to the original photographers/makers.