The third member of Team 7 is Uchiha Sasuke. Sasuke is a member of the world reknown Uchiha Clan. This clan is known for their special blood line limit known as Sharingan. The technique of sharingan is one of the only 3 eye jutsu in the world.It is one of the three strongest blood line limits, along with the Byakugan and Rinnegan. This is a very unique and special technique that propels Sasuke to being the top of his class. The sharinagan has levels of power, which are activated when stimulated to a certain point in battle. Sasuke's older brother, Uchiha Itachi is one of the top ninja of his clan who has already achieved one of the known top levels of the sharingan. Through the first season Itachi is Sasukes role model and beloved brother. Itachi teaches and trains Sasuke special moves that even the best of ninja don't know. Sasuke specializes in fire based jutsu because of this training. With a violent turn of event of the series, Sasukes brother slaughters the entire clan of The Uchihas, except for one sole boy; his brother. Itachi disappears over night and tells Sasuke to learn to hate him. Itachi says that in order to defeat him, Sasuke would have to consume himself in hatred and power. He then continued to tell his brother that there are more than 3 levels of the sharingan; the Mangekyo Sharingan. Itachi says that this a step above the third level of the sharingan. He continues to state that the only way Sasuke has a chance to defeat him, is to obtain his own Mangekyo Sharingan. Itachi did gained his Mangekyo Sharingan by killing your best friend or brother. From this point, Sasuke is all alone for the remainder of his life. He stays away from most of his pupils and prides himself in training and growing for one reason; to kill his older brother and avenge his clan. Then Sasuke joins Team 7 and meets the annoying Naruto. He connects with Naruto in a rivalry type of relationship. In their first battle together Sasuke and Naruto battle one of the 7 Swordsman of The Mist Village named Zabuza Mamochi and his partner Haku. Here Sasuke obtains his first level of the sharingan. This allows him to copy techniques as Hatake Kakashi does, and see moving objects in slow motion. With this ability, he gains the upper hand in the battle and wins his first officail battle with Naruto. The two boys learn to appreciate each other through their differences and abilities. They treat each other as brothers because they each have no one else to call their own family.


Sasuke In Original Series


During their next test, the Jounin Exams, each one of the team members are entered into a competition where one contestant will gain a level in status as a ninja. Sakura is quickly defeated, but the two "brothers" are both in the finals. Here there will be a bracket of battles, with a sole winner. For a month Sasuke trains alone with Kakashi. In this month he copies his masters original move known as Chidori, a direct lightning attack to the enemies vital organs. He later develops this into his signiture fighting style jutsu. Once the Jounin Exam comences after the month of training, Sasuke and Naruto meet back up at the battle ground. They both promise to make it to the finals so they can battle each other. This is were Sasuke first acknowledges Naruto's strength. Durring the competition, one of the Three Legendary Sanin attacked the Leaf Village. His name is Orochimaru. Having betrayed the Leaf many years earlier he teamed up with a neighboring village, The Sand, to attack and eliminate the power of the Leaf. Sasuke and Naruto go out to battle durring the war. Sasuke starts the chase of Gaara of the Sand Village. They battle and Sasuke loses in a instant. Gaara's ability of sand manipulation is far too powerful for Sasuke. This is when Naruto steps into the battle and helps Sasuke. Unlike Sasuke, Naruto follows through and has one of the best battle of his life up until then. This eats Sasuke from the inside out. He feels worthless to the point of depression. He decides that he will never gain enough power to kill his imfamous brother so he decides to leave the village. He flees the village with Orochimaru in the hope of gaining power with him. While Sasuke is escaping Naruto swears to Sakura that he will bring Sasuke back. Naruto chases after Sasuke. By the time he catches up with Sasuke, he is already starting to be consumed with evil intentions. Orochimaru has already given him a Cursed Seal that propels his powers tenfold. They meet in the Valley of the End. Here they battle each with their own intentions. Naruto holds the upper hand until Sasuke gets his Second Level Sharingan.


Sasuke In 1st Cursed Mode Using Chidori(Lightning Blade)

This allows him to predict the moves and future of Naruto's attacks. Sasuke soon gains the upper hand andforces Naruto to lose control and fight with his special ability. This final act brings out not only the cursed seal of Sasuke, but it transfers him into its 2nd Level. He changes form to grow wings, and become not 10 times stronger, but 100 times stronger. They conclude the battle each in their own modes, with their signiture moves. Sasukes defeats Naruto with his Chidori. He has the chance to kill Naruto and follow the path of his brother to gain Mangekyo Sharingan, but he decides he doesn't need it to defeat Itachi, and he can just recieve his own new eyes when he kills his brother instead. Sasuke finally escapes and the time skip of the series occurs.

Sasuke In Cursed Seal Level 2

  For 2 years Sasuke trains under Orochimaru as a betrayer of the Leaf Village. He along with his two childhood team mates grow tremendous strength. He perfects his Chidori technique with a chakra sword. He also obtains the 3rd level of sharingan where he can now create illusions and play with reality. Lastly he learns the summoning technique of snakes. Sasuke's goal to kill Itachi takes precedence above all else; he even claims he is willing to give his body and soul to Orochimaru if it means killing Itachi. During all of this training Naruto has serveral attemts to take Sasuke back, but all the efforts are in vain. Along with Naruto, Sasuke turns on Orochimaru after reaching the conclusion that he can learn nothing else of value from him. He kills Orochimaru easily with the techniques his master taught him. He then hunts Itachi down and finds him. After achieving his goal of bringing about Itachi's death, he learns how his brother was ordered by Konoha's higher ups to perform the murder of his clan.  

Sasuke regrets his brothers death because of his mistake, but already obtains his own Mangekyo Sharingan which allows him to create everlasting black fire known as Amaterasu, and control a large monster, the legendary weapon of Susanoo (both Itachi's moves). Sasuke is taken in by the leader of Itachi's group , and the co-founder of the Leaf Village. His name is Uchiha Madara. He explains what truly went on with the Leaf and Itachi. He coincides with Itachi by blaming the slaughter on the elders of The Leaf. Sasuke, still overcome with evil, decides to avenge Itachi's life by killing the higher-ups of The Leaf. To do so he forms a 4 man group knows as "Taka" or "Hawk". The group joins Madara's group of Akatsuki to team up with each others missions. Sasukes team then focus's on the first elder of the Leaf; the now currupt leader of the Leaf, Danzo Shimura. Sasuke attacks and kills Danzo, but also kills one of his team mates in the conflict. At this point he has no morals remaining and doesn't care. To reach the current location of the manga series, Sasuke just went under surgury of replacing his eyes with his passed brothers'. He is still recouperating, but is sure to have gained some power which he will soon possibly display in the Fourth Shinobi World War.


Sasuke Using His Own Mangekyo Sharingan