Sakura, is the sole girl in Team 7, and one of only 3 girls from her imediate class of ninja. Coming from the unknown Haruno Clan, Sakura and most of her past is a mystery. In the biginning of the series Sakura is not a very important character. She is a very quite girl who passes through most of her life without being seen. Along with her fellow female genin, she is mainly know for having a crush on Sasuke in the beginnning of the series. Early on in the series she is put on to the back burner and is scene as the weakest of the 3 team members. Although she has incredible control of her chakra and abilities, she is of no use in battle to her team mates becasue of their over-whelming fighting styles. Once Sasuke leaves the team to gain more power, and before the time skip, Sakura breaks down. She realizes her inability to fight and how useless she is to Naruto. She makes Naruto promise to bring Sasuke back to the village, a promise he intends to keep no matter how long it takes. Once the group is broken apart she begins to realize what she wants. She decides that she is best fit for a Medical Ninja. She trains under one of the Legendary Sanin known as Tsunade. Tsunade is a talented ninja; being the 5th Hokage. She has superhuman strength that reduces buildings to rubble. She is aslo known for her second to none healing abilities. She is so talented that she has devised a method of Mitotic regeneration for herself, making her all but invincible in battle. At the conclusion of Part I, Tsunade takes Sakura Haruno as an apprentice, teaching her how to use both of her trademark abilities. After this, the series goes through a time skip of 2 years while all 3 of the team members are seperated in training. Having her teacher being Tsunade, Sakura is the only member of the team to stay in the bounds of her village' giving her the ability to become the sole member in her group that is a Jonin. Even though she's still in her comfort zone, she is not intent on under achieving.



Sakura After the Time Skip

Tsunade Healing Herself In Battle

In the 2 years training she had already passed Tsunade in her medical ninjutsu, and almost equaled her teachers legendary and brutal strength. She also learns Tsunades summoning jutsu of slugs. From this moment on she is looked upon with more respect from Tsunade and her pupils. She is now officially an asset to Naruto in capturing Sasuke and fighting against Akatski. Proceding the time skip, Sakura's first battle begins with a member of Akatski, a team with the purpose to capture unique ninja like Naruto. Along with a new friend from the Sand Village, she fights the best pupeteer to ever live. Through an elongated battle, she proves to have the surpassed her teacher, in all aspects of battle. She usess her strength, decision making, and incredible healing abilities all flawlessly to propel her to her first major victory vs. Sain aiding Naruto. Throughout the rest of the series Sakura sustains her current strength up until the current placement of the series. In the now current manga, she is a head medical ninja in the Fourth Shinobi World War.

Sakura Healing Naruto After a Battle