The main character! In the beginning of the show, Naruto is scene as a "nuckle headed ninja". He is very lively and is always making a fool of himself. He had virtually no talent and is the butt of all jokes. The viewer soon learns that the true reason Naruto is looked at differently in the village and is actually hated by all of the villagers is because he is a Jinchuriki. Naruto was born to into the Uzumaki Clan by Minato Namikaze and Kushina Uzumaki. Minato was the current Hokage at the the time. He was known as the "Yellow Flash" for his amazing speed. He was also the pupil of one of the Legendary Sanin: Jiraiya. Naruto's mother was the previous Jichuriki before Naruto. This meant that she had a demon sealed inside of her. Each nation had one, each demom being categorized by the amount of tails they had. The tails went from the Sand Villages' 1 Tailed Deamon-Beast, to The Leaf 's 9 Tailed Deamon-Beast. These beasts were a great power and sucured each nations balance of power. However, these beasts were very unstable because of their power. Because of this they had to be sealed into people called Jinchuriki's. The night Naruto was born, Uchiha Madara, the co-founder of The Leaf Village, slipped into the Village and released the fox when the seal was at its lowest strength; durring child birth. He managed to battle with Minato and lost to him, but escaped with the fox extracted from Kushina. Being a Uchiha, Madara took control of the Nine-Tailed Deamon Fox with his Mangekyo Sharingan. He reaked havoc on the entire village and killed thousands with its imense strength. Minato then caught up with Madara. He managed to take the fox out of Uchiha Madara's control. He then decided the only way to get out of the situation was to seal the fox inside his son to secure the safety of the poeple. He gave up his wifes' and his own life to save the village from the demon fox. Uchiha Madara then fleed and Naruto became known as "the fox child ". As he grew up alone, no one told him of what had occured and he was depressed and made fun of for most of his life, as most Jinchuriki's are. This gave Naruto insentive to grom stronger and make everyone acknowledge him. He decided to do this from a young age by becoming the Hokage of the Village. Before passing ninja school, he had accomplished the feat of creating shadow clones, a very rare and forbiden jutsu.


Naruto and his father Minato Namikaza

    Once he passed ninja school, after failing 4 straight years, Naruto was apart of Team 7. He met Sasuke and automatically made a rivalry with him. His goal was to get him to accept him. Slowly through the series Naruto realizes what is inside of him and realizes that he can use the fox's power if he runs out of his own. This gives hime almost unlimited power and chakra. Nartuo at first has no control over his ability and doesn't captitalize upon it, but eventually does. Naruto begins to gain strength once he reaches the final round of the Chunin Exams. Durring the exams each one of the team members are entered into a competition where one contestant will gain a level in status as a ninja. Sakura is quickly defeated, but both Naruto and Sasuke are in the finals. Here there is a bracket of battles, with a sole winner. Before the competition, they have a month to train, but Naruto begins to be lost becasue Kakashi is only training Sasuke with his sharingan. Looking for a new master, Naruto stumbled upon a old man. Little to Naruto's knowledge, it was a Legendary Sanin. His name is Jaraiya, the very same that taught Naruto's father. Jaraiya is a Partial Sage and masters in Toad Abilities. Jaraiya recognizes who Naruto is and agrees to teach him. He teaches him of the fox and how to partially control its power reserves. Once Naruto accomplishes this, he learns how to summom Toads. The exam then continues and is soon interupted by an attack on the Village. Naruto uses his new summoning jutsu to defeat Gaara of the Sand, who is the Sand's 1 Tailed Beast. After this war is settled, Naruto and Jaraiya set out on a journey to retrieve the new Hokage: Lady Tsunade. While on the mission, Naruto learns an almost impossible jutsu called Rasengan. It is a ball of concentrated, spinning chakra is one's hand. Like Chidori, it is a frontal atack. After Naruto returned with his accomplishment, Sasuke leaves the team becasue of internal problems with power(see on Sasuke's page to learn details). Naruto tries to recover Sasuke ,but he is already lost and Naruto has no chance in making Sasuke return. This is where the time skip occurs.       Naruto matures and learns a lot from Jaraiya durring the 2 years of the time skip. Jaraiya teaches Naruto how to go into a mode called "Tailed Mode". This is where he can channel the Fox's power through emotion and grow up to 9 tails in a cloak around his body. Each tail represents more power, but less control. Its so powerful that Naruto almost killed his master with only 4 tails in his cloak because he lost control and the fox took over. Naruto also learns of a group called Akatsuki who is after all of the Jinchurikis. Its leader is unknown by this point, but their intentions are soon known. We learn that they are planning to capture all the tailed beasts for a unknown purpose(which we later learn to be the 10 Tailed Beast). Naruto learns how to protect himself better. With the threat of Akatsuki increasing, Naruto is forced to create a jutsu of his own. Once again he uses Sasuke as inspiration to grow stronger. Kakashi decides to try and help Naruto make his own justsu. He teaches Naruto that his father, Hokage Minato, created the jutsu of Rasengan. In Kakashi's opinion, he tells Naruto that his father was the strongest ninja to ever live and the only one wo could surpass him is Naruto. He goes on to teach that the nearly impossinble jutsu, which Kakashi copied from Minato, is an incomplete jutsu copied from a Beast Ball formally scene as an attck of all the Tailed Beasts. It was ment to be combined with an elemental jutsu. Kakashi tells Naruto that Chidori was created to combine with it but he, nor Minato could combine the chakras, and control them at the same time. Naruto then uses clones to learn how to control his wind chakra. Finally, Naruto succeeds in combining the elements and creates his own complete devistation jutsu called: Wind Release Futon Rasengan. This jutsu proves to be unstopable against apponents, but also hurts Naruto becasue he gets caught in it as well. Although he wins a battle against Akatski, he realizes he can't use the jutsu. On his return to the Village, he is hit with terrible news. A member of Akatski killed his mentor Jaraiya. Naruto is devistated and states that he finally understands how Sasuke felt. Naruto realizes his immediate damages becasue he is 1 of only 2 tailed beasts left. He escapes to a secret Sage Mountain. There he surpasses Jaraiya in becoming a total sage. This training allows him to now access a natural chakra release called "Sage Mode". This mode increases his stregth, speed, fighting sytle, and chakra levels. He is also able to sence chakra and all of nature while in Sage Mode. While in hiding, Naruto also develops a new Wind Release: Futon Rasenshuriken. He learns to control the chakra in Sage Mode even when he is not directly connected to the elements. This allows him to throw the chakra at people, and stay out of harms way, unlike Wind Release Futo Ransengan.

Naruto in Sage Mode Against Pain


Naruto Using His Originals RasenShuriken

    A while after he perfects Sage Mode, Naruto learns that Jaraiya's murderer is destroying all of the Leaf Village. His name is Pain and is revieled to be the third Rinnegan user, along with The Sage of 6 Paths. With his new powers, Naruto summons himself and all of his Toad army to the battle field. He finds that the whole village is gone and Kakashi was killed. He finds Pain, the enemy, and has a huge battle with him. Pain is so strong that the Toads and Naruto in Sage Mode with 3 clones is not enough to defeat him. While seeing Hinata hurt on the battle field, he loses his control of the fox and turns to the tails mode. He puts all 9 tails on his cloak! A piece of his fatehrs chakra is still in the fox and he finally meets him. Minato desrcribes that he loves him and how he has to handle the burden of the fox. Naruto is revived by his father, the fox is concealed in Naruto's body again, and Naruto defeats Pain (Full Recap of Pain Fight).The whole village praises him and loves him from then on. After Naruto defeats pain, the leader of Akatsuki is revealed to the world. Uchiha Madara also states what he plans to do when he captures the 2 tailed beasts left. He claims that when he captures all beasts he can combine them and make a 10 tailed ultimate beast which is locked in the moon. Once he accomplishes this with both his sharingan, and rinnegan, he can cast his jutsu on the moon and all the world would be subjected to his power and complete control.
Uchiha Madara then establishes a Fourth Shinobi World War against all the countries in order to obtain the remaining 2 beasts. Naruto and the other beast are forced into hiding secretly. There Naruto meets the other remaining Jinchuriki. His name is Killer B and he is the 8 Tailed Octopus Beast. Naruto learns that if you can effectively defeat your beast in a battle within, you can gain complete control of the beasts power and eventual allegiance. Naruto learns this from B, who helps him defeat the deamon fox. Naruto establishes his dominance over the fox once his mother, just like his father in the fight vs. Pain, came to help restrrain the fox. Naruto defeats the beast and gains control of the fox. He only gains some control because of how powerful the Fox is. With the partial control, Naruto can't turn into full "Beast Mode" like Killer B Mode's, while staying in full control, but he does create a partial "Fox Mode" where he can directly control the fox and its chakra. This ads yet another Jinchuriki Mode to his repertoire of Chakra Modes. As of now in the manga series Naruto and B are trying to escape to the battlefield. We haven't even learned all the new abilities that Naruto has other than incedible speed and sensor abilities with his new mode. He can only get stronger from here to surpass his father in being the best shinobi to ever live and become Hokage!

Naruto First Embracing His Jinchuriki Form With Multiple Rasengans Around His Body


Naruto Making a Dense "Beast Ball"