SPOILER ALERT: If you are not currently caught up to the current manga, this site will spoil the series up to Manga Episode 542. We will follow them throughout the series and learn how their harsh pasts, unexpected futures, and connected destinies through many generations creates the basis of the best manga series ever created. Let the journey that will never give the anime and manga justice, begin.


"Naruto" is an anime and manga franchise based on the fictional world of ninjas. The main character in the series is the simple minded, yet complicated boy, Uzumaki Naruto. The series follows Naruto throughout his life in his pursiut to become the best ninja in the world, and more importantly the Hokage and leader of his Village of Konohagakure. In his passing of ninja school he is placed in to a Genin team know as: Team 7. The relative leader is the reknown "Copy Ninja", Hatake Kakashi. Along with Naruto, the other two ninja under Kakashi are Uchiha Sasuke, Narutos' life long rival, and Haruno Sakura, the mother like figure for the boys through the series. Once complications occur with Sasuke the group is broken up and each member is accountable for training on their own. Each one of the 3 developing ninja become pupils to the most well known "3 man ninja team" in the history of there village, The Legendary Sanin; each following in their teachers' ways, and far surpasing the talents and abilities of the previous generations.


Above Picture: The Original Team 7