All Credit Goes to Bryan Lee O'malley        

Scott Pilgrim is a Graphic Novel franchise created by Bryan Lee O'malley and has a total of 6 volumes. It started in August 2004 and continued until July 2010 and was published by Oni Press.

The Series is about a clueless, 23 year-old Scott Pilgrim who falls in love with mysterious, american Amazon delivery girl Ramona Flowers. The one problem, he must defeat her seven evil exes before they can be together.

Throughout the series it follows a video game theme type of life. Food and drinks can give you stat boosts, defeating an evil ex, will result in video-game exp, and after certain events even weapons can be gained.

The series itself also revolves largely around sub-space which is an alternate dimensioin that can enable the user to move around very fast and get to destinations in mere minutes. It can only be accessed by subspace doors, or by other various subspace items. (Ramona's Bag) It later becomes apparent that by accessing sub-space you can also go into a part of Ramona's mind, and travel through people's dreams.