Engaging the Mind

We believe that this is not a throw-away world; God will renew it rather than destroy it. This makes all actions to improve life on earth worthwhile. It makes us also recognize that all children are made in the image of God and are worthy of our best teaching efforts, regardless of learning style. Our responsibility is to educate each child to the best of his/her ability and help each child recognize the gifts that s/he possesses.

Nurturing the Spirit

We believe that the line between good and evil runs through people and organizations, rather than around them. No person or no thing is absolutely evil or absolutely good. The world cannot be divided into good and bad guys. We all fall short of the glory of God. Education, therefore, through the action of the Holy Spirit, always appeals to the heart, and has as its purpose to lead students to follow Christ actively.

We believe, therefore, that the spirit must be nurtured so that the students gain self-confidence in discovering the gifts that God has given them. The development of discernment that results from self-confidence and recognition of spiritual gifts sets the tone and community of the school.

Transforming the World

Just as the discovery and use of God-given gifts nurture the spirit of the individual and the school, we believe that this self-knowledge also produces the desire to share those gifts with others and to provide leadership for the community and for the world.

This is appropriate, for we believe that Christ, through the agency of human beings, wants to restore everything in the world to His definition of how it should be. We, therefore, engage culture, familiar and unfamiliar, and do so in the confidence that God is in control.