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Al Kharid Draynor Varrock Falador Edge/Barbarian

Welcome to Varrock

Congrats, you have made it to Varrock. Varrock is the most popular non-member city in runescape. It has practically anything and everything you will need .

There is also and area called the Grand exchange where you can type in something you want and if another player online is selling that you have the option of buying it. You could also sell stuff there too.



If you dont feel like doing that there are also a lot of different quests that you can do starting in this town. They will tell you where to go when you talk to them.

There are mining fields on the sides of the city that have no monsters by them which means there is easy acces to it. You may not want to fight many of the monsters or gaurds around varrock unles ur in your high 20's because the gaurds are around level 25.

You can also catch up on the latest news in this town and since it is very popular you can meet a lot of people and trade with them too.

Varrock is probably one of the key non-member towns in runescape. If you got to this point i sugest that you check out Falador or Edge-barbarian because there is a lot of stronger creatures there, toughers quests, and more high level things you can do.