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Welcome to Lumbridge

Lumbridge is the starting point to any runescape player. It is full of a lot of tutors for beginners and low level monsters for any low level fighters. It is a great spot to start some of your quests and a great spot to level up and experiment with different weapons and different ways of leveling up

There are two starter quests that are extremely easy that newcomers can start just to get some eazy xp. There is one where you shear sheep and the other is where you get the ingredients nesecarry to make a cake then you are done.


There are tutors in almost every skill section located in lumbridge. when you talk to them they will teach you a little bit about runescape and they will also tell you how to get started with that specific skill. They can be a big help to you if you are lost or if you are a newcomer to runescape.

After you have gotten started and maybe got yourself some weapons and experience you can travel to other towns. I recommend being around level 15 before leaving lumbridge if you dont want to have a chance of dying and losing your stuff.

Now that you have learned about Lumbridge i recommend clicking on draynor village or al kharid to see what interesting things are in those towns.