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Al Kharid Draynor Varrock Falador Edge/Barbarian

Welcome To Falador

First of all you shouldnt be here unless you've gone to lumbridge or varrock first. Falador is mainly a town for a higher level of runescape members. (high level mining, woodcutting, etc.)

It is also one of thew fewer towns that have a smelter and and anvil in the same town. this is very helpful for miners. There is also a mine near the town but u have to be in the level 30's because there are scorpions that will attack you and they sit by right where you are probably going to mine.

There is also many high level quests that you start here that are very hard, and there are a lot of places that you are not allowed into if your not a member.

From Falador you can go to babarian village and edgeville to the north and you can go to port salim to the south.

Port Salim is pretty much a port that you can take to different islands. When the site is updated there will be a link to port salim and all of the places you can go to but for now there will be a link to edgeville and barbarian village you can learn about.