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  There were many fashion trends that sprung up during the 1980's some of them were because of movies or television shows, others from popular people or just because they were fun to wear. Many people look back on these trends fondly and some have even made a comeback. Below is a list of fashion trends that are most notable.    
  miami vice         The Miami Vice look was very popular because of the popular television show Miami Vice. The leading men wore casual t-shirts under expensive suit jackets—which were usually bright or pastel colors. The jackets often had broad, padded shoulders. They would also not shave for a few days which was called, "designer stubble", a look popularized by the main character, Don Johnson. The look was completed with loafers.    
polo Another major style was called Preppy. This was launched by conservative middle-upper class people who often wore brands like Lacoste, Polo Ralph Lauren, and The Gap. Argyle sweaters were very popular in this group of people as well. A preppy person might also wear a loosely tied sweater around their neck with a collared shirt. The most popular among this group were pastel colors and band name polo shirts.
  aviator       During the 1980's there were many different types of eyewear. Ray Ban Aviators were popularized by the movie Top Gun. Ray Ban Wayfers were also popular because of the TV show Miami Vice and the movie Risky Business.    
  big hair                  
            Hair styles in the 1980's were big. Women wore their hair up and out as you can see in the picture to the left. Mullets were also popular in the '80's. Many rock and punk bands wore long hair which became popular for men.    
Led Warmers        
    Leg warmers were popular in the 1980's for teenage girls. They became popular because of the increase in attendance of aerobics classes. They were originally used to keep legs from cramping. They were also popular because of the movies Flashdance and Fame.

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