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Popular Songs

"Bat Out of Hell"

"Paradise by the Dashboard Light"

"Two Out of Three Ain't Bad"

"I Would Do Anything For Love"

"I'd Lie For You"

"Seize the Night"

"For Crying Out Loud"

"Dead Ringer For Love"

"All Revved Up With No Place to Go"





Meatloaf was started by Marvin Lee Aday (later changed to Michael Lee Aday). He soon recruited some of the biggeset names in Rock and Role.

Guitarists: Tim Pierce, Justin Hawkins, Paul Crook, and Randy Flowers.

Bassists: ChrisChaney Kasim Sulton.

Keyboardist: Jamie Muhoberac; Drummer: John Micelli.





Meatloaf Today

Today, Meatloaf's current band members are: Michael Avay, Paul Cook, Kasim Sulton, Randy Flowers, John Miceli, Mark Alexander, Aspen Miller, CC, and David Luther.

Meatloaf still tours today, with the, "The Hang Cool Tour," in 2011. Meatloaf continues to impress people with their memorable concerts.