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Early Life

Since an early age, John Mayer has been interested in music. Since grade school he has played an instrument, starting with the clarinet and shifting to a guitar after watching Marty Mcfly play one in "Back to the Future". Mayer continued to play the guitar through high school, escaping to his room to play for hours on end. He has said before that this was because he was a "nerdy kid" acne ridden a bit gawky and without many friends. When it became time to decide his post graduation plans, his parents frowned upon his decision to not go to college and pursue music. Mayer then worked at a gas station for 15 months and finally saved enough to buy his first legitimate electric guitar. He then studied at the Berklee College of Music in Massachussets but left after a year to pursue music in Atlanta Georgia.




After moving to Goergia, Mayer played in coffee shops and at small events for a while before releasing his independent EP Inside Wants Out. From there he released his first single No Such Thing and began touring in Georgia. He was then picked up by Aware Records and signed. After touring with the label, Columbia Records and Aware arranged a deal that would give Columbia first choice in Aware's artists. Columbia picked up Mayer and the rest is history. With the help of the label in production and with promotion, Mayer rereleased Room for Squares with hits such as "Your Body is a Wonderland" which he would later win a Grammy for.