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A torso faux pas can be classified as any fashion mishap that occurs above the waist and below the neck. From tank tops to overcoats, some very unfortunate things can go on in your torso. Whether it be an accessory or a poor apparel choice, torso faux pas occur daily and it's important to keep your torso in check.


The Poncho



What it is:

By definition, a poncho is a blanketlike cloak with a hole in the center to admit the head, originating in South America, now often worn as a raincoat.

Why it's so bad:

With a cut out circle in which you place your head, the real question is, where was you're head when you put that on? First of all, to what kind of an occasion would you wear the poncho? Is it in place of a jacket? Do you wear it to the beach? To an office meeting? To a party? NO. Just say no the poncho.

The Crop Top   The Fanny Pack

cropWhat it is:

By definition, a crop top is a woman's casual upper garment, as a shirt or sweater, that falls at or above the waist.

Why it's so bad:

Feelings on the crop top are as simple as this, just stay away from it. I mean, did you really purchase a shirt at that length or did it shrink in the wash? Or maybe it's a throwback from your childhood years. The point is, whether you have the figure to pull the crop top off in a somewhat ok manner, and even if you don't, just wear a full length shirt. Everyone willbe a lot better off.


fannyWhat it is:

By definition, a fanny pack is a small zippered pouch suspended from a belt around the waist.

Why it's so bad:

Attention all tourists! Leave the fanny pack at home! No matter how convienient you think the fanny pack is, no matter how many things you can fit in it, no matter how "hands-free" it makes you, just don't do it. When you think of the fanny pack, the classic old man with the tropical button up with the fanny pack fastened around his waiste comes to mind. But in reality, fanny packs are a lot more common than just the out of date tourist. In some cases the fanny pack has been substituted as a male purse or just an extra pocket, but take note how it has never been known as a fashion "do".

The Slashed Top



What it is:

By definition, a slashed top is a piece of clothing starting out as a whole top but then is shredded, torn or slashed by manufacturer or owner to give it a old, worn out estranged look.

Why it's so bad:

Why, I repeat why, would you pay thirty dollars for a shirt that makes you look like you crawled out of the grave. This zombie looking top can't be a wise decision. I mean, once you buy it, do you wear a shirt under it or do you let it all hang out of the slashes. I don't even understand how you can wash the shirt without it falling apart or how you can wear it without it getting caught on literally everything. Keep your fabric as a whole.

The Tool T-Shirt   The Denim Vest

toolWhat it is:

By definition a tool t-shirt is a lightweight, usually knitted, pullover shirt, close-fitting and with a round neckline and short sleeves that is decorated with a photo or a phrase that is less than pleasant.

Why it's so bad:

This fashion faux pas is a classic middle aged mans mistake. Whether your donning a woman's body, some dry attempt of a joke or some corny phrase on your t-shirt, this is a huge mistake. You think people are checking you out and making a mental note on how cool your T is but in reality they're telling themselves to never do the same. There is absolutely no way that you can wear this T-shirt without looking like a tool.


denimWhat it is:

By definition, a denim vest is a close-fitting, waist-length, sleeveless garment that buttons down the front, that is constructed out of a denim jean material.

Why it's so bad:

Nevermind it being a vest, but just wearing denim on your torso is a very touchy area. The fact that it's a denim vest makes it that much more important to stay away from it. You are probaly not in a rodeo and most definetly not on an episode of Bonanza. With this thought in mind, please keep the denim off the torso and not on your vest. It will definetly not be a wise decision to wear a denim vest, especially if your wearing jeans. Jean on Jean is a totally different subject, but nevertheless, look your best and ditch the denim vest.


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