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By definiton, headwear is anything that you can wear on your head, especially hats but not excluding decorative pieces. There are many cases in which headwear has been taken too far. It would even be valid to say that there are some situatiuons where hairstyles have been taken advantage of and trends abused to make it a "Head Faux Pas".

The Oversized Bow



What it is:

A bow, also known as a hair decoration that takes up the vast majority of your head. This particular piece can be made out of any type of fabric and can also be constructed with your own hair.

Why it's so bad:

The hair bow was a cute, subtle addition to an ensemble at first, however as the style increased in popularity it also increased as size. There is absolutely no reason for an object this size to be on your head. Once its up there, it's flopping around and in your face and more of an inconvienience than a cute look. And if you thought the 3 foot bow was too much, many girls also craft their own hair into a teased bow or buy a fake hair bow to match their own color hair. No need, no need.

The Mullet


What it is:

By definition, the mullet is a "hairstyle short on top and long in back," 1996, perhaps from mullet-head  "stupid, dull person"

Why it's so bad:

This hairstyle is anything but business in the front, party in the back. This hairstyle is a mess. How you could ever think that having short poofy layers on the top of your head and it flowing in the back would ever be a good idea, you will never know. Not only is this outraegeous, outdated fashion hideous, but it has also become a unisex style. Do yourself a favor, and ditch the mullet.


The Bomber Hat


What it is:

The bomber hat is a hat formerly worn by aviation pilots that has ear flaps and is made of leather or fur.

Why it's so bad:

Too much fur, too many flaps, just too much hat in general. Maybe if you were hunting, or maybe if you lived in the artic but personally, this hat should not be worn outside of these situations. I just don't see where these hats can fit in with a casual outfit. When you're wearing it without winter attire it looks almost passable but when it's paired with jeans and a t-shirt it's just plain bizarre.

The Crooked Hat




What it is:

By definition, it is a close-fitting cap with a deep visor and usually the emblem or name of a team on it.

Why it's so bad:

My first problem with this fashion fad is that when bought and worn, it looks like it was bought a size too big so it sinks down over your brow or a size too small so it sits on top of your head. Then why crooked? Just why? It's probably an unfathomable guy thing. Just like leaving the sticker on the brow. Are you leaving the sticker on there to let everyone know what size head you have, that you just bought it,or did you just forget? When this became a cool style I don't know, but I'm just not a fan.

"Scene" Hair


The Sweatband


What it is:

By definition, "scene hair" is a particular way of teasing, hairspraying, and blowing out hair to give it a fried, volumous look.

Why it's so bad:

Attention: You cannot be just anyone to pull this hairstyle off. You cannot one day just up and decide to become "scene". You have to be very fragile when trying to pull off this hairstyle. Personally, I find no reason in wanting your hair to be stripped, or fried or wanting to look like you got attacked by your hair dryer that morning. But either way, leave this hairstyle to those who know what their doing, some hair just can't handle it.


SweatWhat it is:

By definition, a sweat band is a piece of absorband cloth wrapped around the head to absorb sweat.

Why it's so bad:

Can you honestly say that a semi-absorbent bandana that smells like sweat and is most likely dripping with sweat is a good idea? If anything, these headbands look like they are making you sweat more from the fabric used. Not only that, but sometimes these sweatbands are used as an accessory to an outfit and not a sport. Personal opinion and some common sense says that these sweatbands should be used more as a ear warming device in the winter rather than a fashion statement.


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