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It's amazing how many fashion trends sweep the nation every month. From Rodeo Drive to Seventeen Magazine to the halls of your high school, fashion's presence is clearly noted. However, it's easy to say that sometimes...even fashion will fail us. But who's to say what's in and what's out? Afterall, we are all our own people and should have our own taste. But hey, let's face it some fashion trends just shouldn't of happened.

Critiquing fashion cannot be done without insulting some. Fashion is an individuals expression of taste and everyone has different opinions on the subject but as Oscar Wilde said...

"Fashion is a form of ugliness so intolerable that we have to alter it every six months"

It's hard to say when the first fashion crime was actually committed. It always takes a while to decide whether or not a trend will become a fashion faux-pas. The first major shift in clothing choice came in the 1920's with flapper fashions. Flappers These styles will forever be known for their brazeness and boldness. Flappers were a major shift from the former overly conservative look for women and paved the way for fashion all the way until today. It is safe to say that without the flapper trend, women may not have had the opportunity to show off their elegant side in skirts, dresses and other colorful accessories. After the 50's, the next alteration in fashion was the trends of the 70's, 80's and 90's. All fashion that was coming out at that time was more likely to be accepted then than it is today. Their did not have a wide range of options and therefore there really wasn't too much of a boundary to what would catch on. And as it is true that a lot of inspiration comes from styles of the past, it is also true that we've learned where not to go with our fashion trends as well.

As we entered the 80's, everything changed. The 80's were all about size and going overboard. Everything from hair, to sweaters, to layers were oversized and overplayed. Bright neon hues were present to scream individualism and the tight and loose clothing to boost sex appeal. The 80's also introduced the legging-skirt combo and intense layering. Casual cutt-offs and cuffs were also a prominent feature. Besides that, it became necessary for jeans to be acid washed, ripped, torn or skin tight. The jean on jean look was also hip. After the 70's hippie period, the eighties were to represent individuality and to break away from the natural look into a more eye catching-made up appearance. It was important to stand out in this time which made it necessary for every outfit you wore to be a fashion statement. It was all about saying something with your clothes, something that represented you in a majorly decorated way. When you put aside the blinding colors and overplay of the outfit, the fashions of the 80's are still seen today. This era has yet to fade or become obsolete, they are still an inspiration today.
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Through all these rapid changes in fashion, the mentality became that anything goes...hence the 1960's Hippie Fashion. This anything goes mentality is something you should never adapt to. It was the people who invented this fashion era and the fashion industy who had to comply. This fashion phase had specific wardrobe essentials that shouldn't of been as accepted as they were. The whole idea was to "get back to nature". The clothing was loose and made of hemp fibers and cotton. Standard hippie apparel included hip-hugger bell bottoms, preferably with fringe on the bottom and maybe a nice flower patch, the tie die t-shirt of course, and basically anything that you constructed yourself was rad at the time. The turtle neck was also introduced as well as the sometimes over-whelming flower pattern. Let it be noted, that some of these fashions can be acceptable when paired with an item that compliments it...not all together at once. Although influential, the Hippie fashion is also known to be a bit of a hot mess.
As the years progressed through the late nineties, there was a slow progression out of the banana clips and tie-died and flannel t-shirts into shoulder pads and fitted jackets. Accessories became more casual and subtle. Colors became easier on the eyes and style focused more on shape rather than being bold and dominating. The styles certainly became more relaxed and not as much effort was put into making your look pop. All styles sort of started to blend together as everyone fell into the same fashion trend.There of course were unfortunate stages of babydoll tops, stirrup pants, and chunky footwear as well. Jeans seemed to become larger as tops became smaller. Fashion really strayed off the path with this one. The chunky bottoms with a shrinking top really did no one justice. However, every style through fashion history has its mark on style today. Hints of past fads can been seen in your favorite designs. No matter how unsettling we may find a past trend to be, their popularity at the time gave inspiration to the stylists and designers of today.


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